My Boxing Pics

Smoking a huge cigar at a show in KB hallen Copenhagen. The main fight was about the European Championship with the Danish fighter Thomas Damgaard who won on a split decision.

Here I am with the referee and 1 of the judges from the main fight - as can be seen we are close friends...

Here we're at quite a bigger show in Parken with 20 something thousand spectators. The main fight was Dane Brian Nielsen vs Mike Tyson (Danish guy gave up between 6th & 7th round) - here is another fighter on the way to the ring: Johnny Bredahl or as he now thinks that his name is: Johny Wahid Johansen (does this guy get hit with too many punches or what is his problem??)

Nice pic that gives you a feeling of what the atmosphere was like during the bigger fights in Parken.

Here is another 1.

Oh, and a guy called Iron Mike happened to drop by also. Unfortunately this was the last pic in my roll :o(.